About Geobeast


Collect Geobeasts and their energy in parks, forests, streets or at home using your mobile phone. 
Fight against players and factions not only to train your Geobeasts but also enhance your own skill in combat. 
Explore the different factions while protecting your harvested energy from hacking attempts by other players.

GPS based Monster Collecting with augmented reality

Go out into the real world and find Geobeasts. Real animals have become digitized and you can find them in environments where you would expect them to be. A Geobeast that resembles a cat is more likely to be found in a city, while an crab Geobeast would be found close to the sea. 

Combat based around Deck building and Symbol Tracing

Combat is based around symbol tracing. Your team of Geobeast can be customized with different symbol that you need to trace. Plan your strategy and train the skill to execute it properly.

A persistent world with multiple factions that changes over time

As a player, you have the ability to influence the world and other players. Symbols that are avaiable to all players won’t provide the best defense. Plan your defense carefully and use clever tactics.

the story5

Hurricanes, melting polar caps, earthquakes: Nature is trying to tell us something, and we are not listening. Our scientists have discovered technology to actively detect the earths Leyline energy with something as simple as the camera of your phone. But now that we can see her, Mother Nature is trying to reach us. Digital versions of her creatures have been sighted through our technology. We have tried to share this discovery with all but have been thwarted by the government, our website has been taken down and our reputation slandered. We don’t know how long it will take until this message gets taken down as well. Please. Geobeasts are real. They are among us. 
Help us get the word out.


Geobeast has been in development for over a year now. We will finish the free app before we will complete the HQ, so everyone can get a head start.
We still have a lot to do. But with your support, comments, and enthusiasm, we will bring you a unique experience.

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