Why play this when there are already other monster collecting games?
We are trying to break out of the norm that you’d expect in other monster collecting games. Geobeast allows you to not only find digital animals in the real world, but we want to add a certain depth and customization that is mostly absent in other games in this genre. On top of that, we want to give the player enough freedom to decide how they want to play. Fighting and collecting isn’t necessary, it’s a choice. There are multiple ways to play Geobeast.

Give me the tl;dr version
Geobeast is a mixed reality monster collector, mixed with puzzle mechanics. This is all set in a world where actions have real consequences that impact you and others.

How does the game work with the mobile/PC combination?
You can explore a large part of the game for free on your mobile phone. Looking for and capturing Geobeasts. Hacking other players and defending yourself from hacking attempts.  Later the PC HQ will come out, which will expand on the app.

What can I do if I live in the city and do not have parks or forests nearby? Am I limited in playing the game?
We’re making sure that even if you have access to only one environment, it’s still possible to compete at the highest level. We want to reward players for visiting other places, not punish them for just wanting to play at home. You can choose how you want to play.

Explain the faction concept – do I have to join or create one?
There are 3 major existing factions. The protective Government, doing their best to keep this new threat under control. Second we have the pacifistic Aurora Group, a movement that strives to stop the violence against Geobeasts and the effect it has on the world. And lastly there is the aggressive Hackers. They feel very little about the wellbeing of Geobeasts, to them, Geobeasts are incredible assets waiting to be used. In the Mobile app you will be able to explore these factions. There will be more features concerning these factions when the PC HQ is released.

How do I progress in the game? Do I have to fight? Or can I just collect?
We think that player choice is an important part in Geobeast. With this in mind we want to give you the ability to progress in ways that you think matters. Don’t like hacking other players and just want to collect Geobeasts? You can achieve the highest levels without a single hacking attempt.
Play how you like, when you like, where you like.